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Start a mission in Expert mode (3 steps)

The “Start the mission” menu includes a Beginner mode (6 steps) and a Expert mode (3 steps). The Expert mode allows you to reduce the number of steps before performing a mission.

Mission selection menu

  Start the mission.

Start the mission in Expert mode, step 1/3

Step 1 of launching a mission or resuming a mission, recalls the positioning of the solution (EYESEE Tag and EYESEE Drone) and indicates the name of the first location of the mission in front of which the drone must be placed approximately 1 meter away from the pallets.

Switch on EYESEE Drone by inserting the battery. The drone automatically performs the checks and proposes the validation button to move to the next step.

In case of a low battery for the tablet and/or drone, it will not be possible to move to the next step until the problem is corrected (see below for the meaning of the errors).

(Refer to the previous chapter “Beginner mode” to see the error table).

Start the mission in Expert mode, step 2/3


Step 2 of launching a mission or resuming a mission allows you to choose the position of the beacons in relation to the stickers on the drone. Select the option according to the layout of the 2 EYESEE Tag.

This allows you to change the drone from the front without having to change the position of the EYESEE Tag.

Start the mission in Expert mode, step 3/3

Step 3 of launching a mission or resuming a mission validates that the operator is wearing the safety element(s). This step can be customized according to the needs of the site (see in the application settings). Check to validate the port of the security element.

The validation of all the elements allows to proceed to the take-off stage.

Start the mission in Expert mode, take off

  •   Take off.
  • Emergency stop. To be used only if necessary, as a last resort. This option causes the engines to stop even in full flight.
  •   This logo on the right will appear to confirm that the engines have stopped. Depending on the height of EYESEE Drone, stopping the engines can be fatal.

For the last step of launching a mission or resuming a mission, press the green button for more than 3 seconds to launch the drone until EYESEE Drone beeps indicating that the takeoff order has been taken into account.

For safety reasons, for any pressure of less than 3 seconds, the takeoff command will not be given and the indication “Long press” is displayed on the screen.

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