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The Villefranche-Limas industrial warehouse is one of Bayer CropScience’s main research and development centers in Europe.

The Limas facility is dedicated to the research and development of new crop protection solutions, with a focus on the discovery of new chemical and biological products, as well as the development of new agricultural technologies. The facility includes a formulation and packaging plant, whose role is to process an active ingredient into a marketable finished product.

Key facts and figures :

  • 300 employees
  • 3×8, 5 to 7 days a week
  • 35,000 tons produced
  • 10,000 orders processed each year by the logistics department

Overview of the project

  • The group’s main objective was to carry out more reliable inventory checks without stopping the supply chain (in order to avoid supply disruptions).

  • Before EYESEE, inventories were handled manually by forklift operators, using a forklift (1 person per forklift) and a barcode reader.
  • Inventory should be run on 10% of stock per month (around 1,000 locations/month) in order to reach 100% of stock at the end of the year.

  • Average 100 locations/hour.


Avoid supply chain breakdowns during inventories

Focus your teams on higher value-added activities

Make inventory data more reliable

Improve the safety and ergonomics of the operators work to carry out the inventory

"The ease of interconnection with business applications (SAP) and information systems today make it a tool for operational efficiency and a support tool for the digital transformation of 4.0 logistics. Today, EYESEE enables us to make inventories faster, with more reliable stock data and employees who are more motivated to carry out this task."
Jérémy Bouvier
Head of Stock Management


Today, the solution is used all year round: since 2021, the warehouse has switched to cycle inventory and uses EYESEE on a regular basis.

The solution enables the Bayer plant to:

Key figures

  • 100% pallet reading rate
  • An average of 400 pallets per hour
  • An average of 10 seconds per location
  • 100% reduction in work-related accidents during inventories

Jérémy Bouvier – Head of Stock Management at Bayer

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