Automated inventory by drone

L’Oréal Cosmétique Active switches to cycle count inventory. Discover how the logistics center is now able to inventory his entire stock in about 10 weeks, which allows them to check each location 4 times a year compared to 1 time in the manual process.

The customer

L’Oréal is one of our industrial clients specialized in the cosmetics field. Within the framework of downstream logistics, our clients L’Oréal Cosmétique Active must transport products from the production process to other L’Oréal intermediate warehouses before shipping them to final customers.

Based in Creuzier-le-Neuf, the plant manages six brands of the L’Oréal group: La Roche-Posay, Vichy, Sanoflore, Roger & Gallet, SkinCeuticals, and CeraVe. It receives finished products, stores them and ships them to more than 40 countries worldwide.

With a capacity of 25,000 pallets and 26,300m² of surface area almost entirely dedicated to the storage and transit of goods, the logistics center receives and sends out more than 125,000 pallets per year.

The project in short

L’Oréal was looking for a more efficient and time-saving inventory solution to ensure distribution and proper supply to customers.

In July 2018, L’Oréal Active Cosmetics International logistics hub selected the EYESEE autonomous drone inventory solution to perform a portion of its annual fiscal inventory. Until then, the logistics platform carried out its inventory each year using a dozen scissor lifts and mobilized almost all of its staff for 3 days (with a total interruption of activity).


Avoid shutting down the warehouse for 3 days to conduct the annual inventory

Focus your teams on higher value-added activities

Improve customer service during and outside the inventory period

Optimize the safety and ergonomics of the operators' work to carry out the inventory

"The solution will avoid shutting down the facility for 3 days to perform the annual inventory and allow us to offer a better service to our customers during this period "
Guillaume Bosselin
Director of the logistics center

The results

Today, the solution is used year-round: since 2019, the warehouse has switched to cycle count inventory and uses EYESEE on a regular schedule.

From now on, inventories no longer require business interruptions. The entire stock is inventoried in about 10 weeks, which allows them to check each location 4 times a year compared to 1 time in the manual process.

EYESEE allows the central office to obtain more accurate and reliable inventories, and to continue the inventory process without business interruptions.

The benefits

The EYESEE solution has allowed :

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