Question about Logistic automation, drone’s autonomy, drone inventory, etc? You will surely find your answer here.

The EYESEE inventory drone being constantly improved by our experts. Your questions and comments enable us to work with our R&D teams to tailor the solution to your requirements (Logistic automation, drone’s autonomy, drone inventory, etc).

Below are some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

The drone has an autonomy of between 16 and 18 minutes and its charging time is ± 90 minutes.
Taking into account the time required for battery changes, EYESEE can control up to 800 pallet locations per hour.

No user training is required. As the drone is autonomous, it manages the tasks itself. Brief training is required just to learn how to use the application.

The drone moves around private property enclosed with a roof. Therefore, the French DGAC law relating to the professionnal use of drones does not apply. 

Yes. The inventory drone solution EYESEE was designed to be compatible with all warehouse management systems (WMS).

Thanks to photo archiving, inventories taken using EYESEE are legally recognized and approved by auditors. 

EYESEE does not disrupt any nearby networks as the drone and application use their own WIFI link. 

EYESEE can read all GS1 bar codes from a few centimeters to over 12 meters (39 ft) high. This allows EYESEE to increase the frequency of inventories and reduce the costs and risks associated with conducting them. The solution can be implemented in a very short time and can be adapted to your warehouse.

EYESEE offers 2 revenue models: 

  • Purchase: the entire solution (hardware, software, maintenance contract and support) is invoiced at the time of purchase.
  • Drone as a Service: we propose an offer based on the invoicing of the use of the machine to the customer in rental, without limit of use.

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