Le Roy Logistique switches to cycle count inventory

Discover how our 3PLs client is improving its performance and productivity with inventory drone. 

The customer

  • Le Roy Logistique Group is a service provider in the fields of transport, logistics and co-packing established on the national territory with more than 70 years of experience in these fields.
  • The group employs 700 people in 30 warehouses throughout France (approximately 400,000m²).
  • As a logistics provider of customized solutions, the teams of Le Roy Logistique Group are listening to the logistic needs of all companies for supply services, warehousing or logistic storage of goods and stock management, order preparation, cross-docking, reverse logistics, co-packing, …
  • One of the leaders in France in outsourced logistics, the company began to think about the implementation of innovative solutions to perform cycle count inventories in 2015.

Project synopsis

  • Before the implementation of EYESEE, the company was performing manual inventory counts.
  • Many resources were required:
    • Time: 1 day of inventory = 7 hours​
    • Material and human: 25 people mobilized & 5 scissor lifts (1 person/scissor lift + 1 person for scanning)​
  • With significant impacts:
    • Shutdown of production during the annual inventory day
    • Economic loss
    • Overload of activity on the days before and after the inventory
    • On average 75 pallets per hour/person & 45 seconds/location​
  • The main objective of the group was to perform inventory controls without stopping the supply chain.
  • In 2020, Le Roy Logistique launches the EYESEE project on the Bourgbarré site with the first tests of the prototype.
  • In 2021, the company realizes its first complete inventory by drone for a customer in the food industry.

Comparative inventory of 6000 conventional pallets vs. by drone

Classic inventory budget:

5 scissor lifts
80 hours first count
+20% of recount : 16 hours

Total cost: 3700 €

Budget inventory by drone

1 drone
15 hours of piloting
4 hours of admin

Total cost : 1300 €


Avoid supply chain breakdowns during inventories

Focus your teams on higher value-added activities

Make inventory data more reliable

Improve the safety and ergonomics of the operators' work to carry out the inventory

"Inventory by drone is an innovative and very efficient digital solution. Besides avoiding business interruption, the drone offers increased reliability of the stock status in real time. The goal now is to deploy the solution to all of our sites throughout France."
Maxime Vincendeau
Project and Innovation Manager

The results

Switch to cycle count inventory

  • More accurate inventory data
  • Speed of inventory: 10 seconds per location with EYESEE versus 45s/location with scissor lifts (manual inventory)
  • 1 person for the inventory (against 2 during the manual inventory)

1st year

  • 2 passages in the year
  • 1h30 of flight per week
  • On average 400 pallets per hour

2nd year

  • Only 1 visit per year
  • 99.8% read rate

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