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Add a zone

4. From the zones list, click on the add icon

5. Enter a name
6. Define a location naming rule that must be exactly the same as the warehouse location name

Note: This rule is attached to the entire zone. If some locations have a different naming rule, you need to create another zone with another naming rule.

To define this rule:

The separators remain identical.

For a better understanding, a few naming rules examples:
For a location name C6A P001 10A, the naming rule will be §#§ §### ##§ with spaces.
For a location name P5-001-01B: §#-###-##§ with the hyphens.
For a location name L2-01-06-20: §#-##-##-## with the hyphens.

7. Save

For more details:

  1. To modify a zone: click on the modification and save.
  2. To delete a zone: click on the delete icon.

Note : A zone can be deleted if no missions are attached to a face. Otherwise, the mission needs to be deleted first, then the face, and finally the zone.

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