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Normal behaviour of the solution

The operator guarantees the safety of the area where EYESEE Drone will operate.

The lane must be clear on the ground, and no one must circulate in the area.

Distances to be maintained

  • Distance between the operator and EYESEE Drone. Whatever the type of mission to be carried out, the Drone operator must be at a minimum distance of 5 metres and a maximum distance of 40 metres from the EYESEE Drone.
  • Distance between the two EYESEE Tags. Regardless of the type of mission to be carried out, the two EYESEE Tags must be placed at a minimum distance of 4 metres and a maximum distance of 40 metres from each other.

Standard mission

  • Place EYESEE Tag on either side of the drone (see diagram below). The tag must be at a minimum distance of 3.5m from the drone, spaced at least 25m, and at most 50m…
  • The operator must always be close to the green terminal; if the control of the tablet is lost (breakage, battery), turn off the green terminal and the drone will land.
  • Place and switch on EYESEE Drone in front of the first desired column about 1m from the pallet
  • Launch the EYESEE Tablet application. Check in the tablet parameters that the front regulation distance is 78cm.
  • Select the desired flight plan (mapping) and mission; create the mission if necessary. Check that EYESEE Drone is properly positioned in the aisle corresponding to the mission generated.
  • If everything is ok, launch EYESEE Drone (press and hold the takeoff button)
  • If something seems abnormal (vibration, strange noise…) press the landing button
  • Verify that the drone is correctly performing its mission and scanning the codes.
  • Make it land.
  • Turn off EYESEE Drone quickly.

Mission close to a wall

If the configuration cannot respect a safety distance of 3.5 meters between the 2 EYESEE Tag and the drone for take-off and landing, another configuration can be set up: the drone flies outside the Tag.

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