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Routine maintenance of EYESEE Drone

Regular maintenance of EYESEE drones is essential to ensure their proper functioning and prolong their lifespan.

To ensure optimal use of these equipment, the EYESEE team recommends a series of visual checks and cleaning procedures.

These guidelines aim to ensure that every component of the drone is in perfect condition and that flight performance is not compromised.

By following these recommendations, EYESEE operators can minimize the risk of malfunctions and maximize the reliability of their drones during missions.

  • Carefully inspect the overall condition of the EYESEE drone.
  • Thoroughly check the integrity of the propellers, looking for any cracks, impacts, or missing parts, even minor ones.
  • Ensure that the protection foam is in good condition, without any cracks or missing pieces.

  • Use a gentle blower and/or a microfiber cloth to delicately clean the scanners, front camera, and sensors located under the EYESEE Drone, if any dirt is apparent.
  • Refrain from using any cleaning or household products to avoid damaging the sensitive components of the EYESEE Drone.

🆘 For any questions or assistance requests, EYESEE support remains reachable at help@eyesee-drone.com.

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