On-site inventory offer. Annual inventory or cycle counting inventory process.

On-site Inventory Solution

Reduce discrepancies between your WMS stock data and your physical stock by improving or switching to a cycle counting inventory process.

What is your inventory goal?

L'équipe d'EYESEE a réalisé une prestation de service d'inventaire chez Pepsico

Why Choose
On-Site Inventory Solution

Powerful Inventory Management Cloud Software

2D Digital twin, user management, inventory planning, mission creation, results analysis, and automatic reports.

State-Of-The-Art Hardware

Proprietary drone incorporating 3 Zebra scanners, HD camera, automatic localization and navigation sensors.


Scan an average of 500 locations per hour up to 20 meters high.​

Easy Deployment & Use

Best-in-class training, updates and support, no additional infrastructure required. ​


Switch or optimize your cycle counting process.

On-site inventory offer. Annual inventory or cycle counting inventory process.

More efficient

Up to 10 times more efficient than manual inventory.

Increase datatrust

Improve stock accuracy thanks to powerful technologies.

Empower your team

Make your team more effective with first-class high-tech tools and reduce human error.

Reduce unnecessary tasks and their impact

Eliminate unnecessary machines management such as aerial platforms & negative environmental impact of their transport.


EYESEE Drone image sans fond

EYESEE Drone Pack

complete autonomous  drone scanner with accessories. 

EYESEE App permet de superviser la solution d'inventaire par drone durant le vol


An Android application for inventory supervision.


Administration, management and data export software.

Associated services

Training, maintenance and support.

Offers & content

- CapEx Investment -

On-site inventory solution.
Long-Term Investment
  • Initial fee + annual subscription.
  • Customer owns EYESEE Drone Pack.
  • EYESEE Cloud Subscription.
  • Maintenance & support.
  • Training & warehouse mapping at setup.

Drone as a service
- OpEx Subscription -

On-site inventory solution.
Flexibility & ease of use
  • Invoiced monthly or yearly.
  • Customer rents EYESEE Drone Pack.
  • EYESEE Cloud Subscription included.
  • Maintenance & support included.
  • Training & warehouse mapping at setup.

They chose EYESEE On-site Inventory Solution

“Benefits for GKN Automotive fall into four categories: human, organizational, economic, and technical. We have reduced our risks related to working at heights with much greater safety and ergonomics.”

On-site inventory solution

“The solution will avoid shutting down the facility for 3 days to perform the annual inventory and allow us to offer a better service to our customers during this period.”

On-site inventory solution

“Inventory by drone is an innovative and very efficient digital solution. Besides avoiding business interruption, the drone offers increased reliability of the stock status in real time. The goal now is to deploy the solution to all of our sites throughout France.”

On-site inventory solution

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Frequently asked questions about
Warehouse Inventory Drone

It’s so easy thanks to the online eligibility form here. Once completed, our team will get back to you and let you know the results.
The average productivity of a drone is 500 locations scanned per hour. This may vary according to the size of the slots and the quality of the labelling process (We recommend following GS1 standard).

Replacing yearly inventory with cycle counting allows improvement of WMS stock data reliability by increasing the inventory frequency and dramatically reducing the indirect and direct cost of an yearly inventory. A reliable and productive drone inventory solution helps to seamlessly transform warehouse inventory processes.

Yes, the use of drones is validated by many auditors (including the Big Four) as part of the inventory protocol for our customers who have replaced yearly inventory with cycle counting. EYESEE team can help its customers to make their processes meet the auditor’s requirements.

Yes, there is yearly maintenance & EYESEE Cloud Subscription. The use of EYESEE Solution On-Site is unlimited in you own warehouses or on your own stocks.

Prior to the training course, the 2D digital twin of the warehouse is created by EYESEE experts. The customer’s staff is then trained to become fully autonomous in the use of EYESEE, and to support future warehouse modifications.

Yes, for traceability purpose.

No. By the way, feel free to send us your use case to enrich our R&D knowledge base.

No. No robot or AI can perform the three-dimensional counting required, neither for picking nor for pallets that have been opened and stored at height. As EYESEE is a human-supervised solution, the warehouse’s staff can collaborate with the drone to deliver the most accurate inventory reports.

EYESEE distributes its On-Site Inventory Solution in EMEA & America.

The drone ensures that the expected label is located at the expected location based on WMS data. It identifies empty slots, incorrect logistics addressing and more. Our powerful cloud platform allows us to generate customized reports and ensure data traceability.

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