EYESEE is an autonomous inventory drone solution for warehouses. It is designed to read all barcodes (GS1 standards) in pallet racks up to 20 meters (65 ft) high. EYESEE allows to increase the frequency of inventories, reduce the costs, time, and risks associated with their executions.

Inventory drone Eyesee Solution

EYESEE flies automatically to read the barcodes of your pallet rack inventory

EYESEE inventory drone solution is composed of:


They use our inventory drone

The solution will avoid shutting down our production over three days to conduct the annual inventory and will allow us to offer a better service to our customers.

Guillaume Bosselin

Director of the logistic center

With our partner, we studied the positioning and the particularities of our storage racks in order to establish a precise flight plan and to program it on a tablet. The drone can operate over hundred of locations. It guarantees the reliability of our stocks and avoid production breakdowns.

Vincent Marlinge

Director of the Renault Trucks Pont & Essieux Plant

EYESEE helps logisticians to reach their goals

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