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Reminder: creating a mission

There are 2 types of missions:

  • Blind mission,
  • Mission with expectations.

As a reminder, here is description of how the two types of missions work and their definitions.

  • Blind mission

Launch a mission without waiting for specific barcodes. The drone collects the configured acquisition(s) (barcode scan, photo shooting). In the report file, there will be only the barcodes scanned during the flight.

  • Mission with expectations

The mission is created with a different CSV file: this one contains all the barcodes that the drone should scan during its flight. When the drone scans a barcode, it compares it with the one registered at that location. If it matches, it appears in green on the screen, otherwise it appears in red.
After the mission, and in order to have a correct inventory, you will be able to check the details and the locations where the scans do not match to verify them.

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