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Create a blind mission

Once a face is activated, it is possible to create a mission on that face. There are two types of mission: blind mission, and mission with expectations.


1. From a warehouse, click on Tasks.

2. Click on the add icon.


Then enter:

1. Name: the text area is empty and free, but a naming system is recommended for the missions. For example:

  • Aisle01_P: for a mission of all the P face in the 01 aisle
  • Aisle01_001_015: for a mission from the 001 to the 015 columns in the 01 aisle
  • Spot_A01P0065001: for a spot mission at the 01 location of the 006 column 50 level on the P face in the A01 aisle

2. Face: in the drop-down list, choose the face where the mission needs to be created. By selecting it, an overview automatically displays on the right side.

3. Acquisitions group: select from the drop-down list. If a configured group has been defined by default for a zone, it will be preselected.

4. Acquisitions: Acquisitions list of the chosen group. You can read more details by clicking on the « ? » button.

5. Expected values: in this case, select “No”

6. Path type:

  • Vertical: the drone flies up in front of a column, moves right or left to the next column and flies down along this column. If you choose this path type, you need to set up the task type (next step)
  • Horizontal: the drone flies right / left in front of a level, like with an elevated platform (forklift). If you choose this path type, you need to select the position of the pallets’ barcodes to optimise the flight (next step)

7. Task type:

  • Between two locations: the drone scans only the locations placed between the two specified locations.
  • Between two columns: the drone flies in front of all the locations between the two specified columns.
  • Spot: the drone flies to the unique location defined in the mission. One spot per mission only.
  • All the face

According to the chosen task type, by clicking on the 2D face representation, you can define the start and ending column / location.

If horizontal path : Barcode position:

  • Variable (both at the top and at the bottom)
  • At the top: a maximum hover distance for acquisitions must be defined
  • At the bottom: same as on top

8. Minimum altitude: It is the minimum altitude the drone flies down to scan the level 0 (recommended value: 50 cm)

If horizontal path : Maximum hover distance for acquisitions: It is the maximum distance (in cm) taken by the drone to make the acquisitions. Between 0 and 120 cm. The value 120 corresponds to a full height search.

9. Direction: right to left / left to right

10. Allow the download: Mission downloaded on EYESEE Tablet

11. Allow the upload: Results of a performed mission to upload on EYESEE Cloud

12. Levels to exclude: slide one or both round buttons up or down at the right of the face overview to exclude one or more levels during the flight

13. Hide the route: to visualize the drone flight

14. Save

Now, the mission can be downloaded on EYESEE Tablet.

More in detail:

1. Modify a mission: click on the modification icon and save.

Note: A mission can be changed as long as it has not been downloaded on EYESEE Tablet.

2. Delete a mission: click on the delete icon.

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