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Inventory service for Nature & Découvertes

Discover how Nature & Découvertes reduces its annual physical inventory time for pallet racks in warehouse.

The customer wanted to take an annual inventory of one of its warehouses. To achieve this, Nature & Découvertes chose EYESEE’s warehouse inventory service, which combines qualified personnel, a software suite and automatic scanner drones to provide a rapid, reliable and full inventory of a warehouse organized in racks.

Key figures:

  • 32,000 m² of storage space
  • 22,000 rack locations
  • WMS Reflex

The requirements

Nature & Découvertes was looking for a solution to take an accurate annual inventory of its high pallet racks in a single day, while at the same time working alongside its teams, who were simultaneously checking picking items.

This solution was expected to ensure full inventory accounting, identify any anomalies such as out-of-stocks, overstocks, and shrinkage, and produce a reliable inventory statement for the accounting balance sheet.

The goals

Outsource the control of high quality pallet racks, which requires significant resources for stocktaking.

Focus the logistics staff on value-added activities: picking inventory.

Take a physical annual inventory to value inventories in the annual accounts in a single day, to minimize the impact on logistics operations.

"The drone inventory project has improved the company's performance by reducing inventory time, freeing up staff for value-added tasks (picking) and improving the accuracy of inventory data, thereby facilitating decision making in terms of stock management and the supply chain".
Grégoire Corby
Logistics Director, Nature & Découvertes

The benefits

Get reliable, accurate, third-party inventory data, collected by proven technologies and expert inventory professionals.

6 hours to achieve a global view of goods stocked: 15,000 full locations.

Avoid the costs, delays and carbon footprint associated with renting and transporting 12 aerial platforms to the site.

Reduce recruitment costs and time needed for temporary staff, as well as the associated training costs (certificate of aptitude CACES).

Free up managers' time for managing and supervising inventory activities with a 100% flexible turnkey service.


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