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Create an acquisitions group in link with a warehouse

An acquisitions group contains one or more acquisitions. They are common to every warehouse.

1. In the left-hand menu, click on Acquisition Groups.

2. Click on the add icon.

3. Fill in acquisition group name.

4. Save.

By creating a new acquisitions group and to make this part easier and quicker, an acquisition of each type is automatically created by default.  

1. An acquisition of interest point type:

2. An acquisition of photo type:

3. An acquisition of scanner type:

All these acquisitions created by default can be modified. It is also possible to delete them.   

For more details:

1. To modify an acquisitions group, click on the modification icon and save

2. To delete it: click on the delete icon

3. Create an acquisition by clicking on the add icon (next step)

Default :

In the Preferences menu, a default acquisition group can be defined.

In this case, this group will be automatically associated with the default face creation and it can be manually modified after.

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