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Flight limits

Flight limits

  1. Minimum drone altitude (in cm): allows you to set the minimum drone altitude in cm (enter the height of the lowest bar code).
  2. Maximum altitude of drone (in cm): allows you to set the maximum altitude of the drone in cm (enter the height of the highest bar code).
  3. Minimum distance between EYESEE Drone and EYESEE Tag (in cm): Set the minimum distance in CM between the EYESEE Drone and the EYESEE Tags. The minimum distance allowed is 300 CM.

Sonars settings

From this screen, you can set the minimum safe distance in cm: front, side and rear of the drone to potential obstacles.

These options can be changed according to the size of the aisle: the narrower the aisle, the smaller the minimum distance.

Depending on the environment, this option can be used to allow the drone to fly along a wall.

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