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When this page is displayed, the graphs appear empty. As soon as you select a date and validate the form, each graph will be filled in automatically.

More in detail:

  • Selection: A period is required and a warehouse must be selected.  It is possible to delete selections.
  • Period: Date or period to be typed in or selected from the calendar. Minimum date: 1/1/2022. Maximum date: same day.
  • Show customer report: Ticking this option displays the percentage of ‘pallet’ locations visited for an entire depot. This page groups together the graphics of the depot, the zones and the faces it contains.
  • Warehouses: Up to 10 warehouses can be selected. Selecting 1 will dynamically display the zones and activated faces it contains in two new drop-down menus.
  • Zones: It is possible to select several zones (10 maximum), or a group of 10 to display them quickly. If a group is selected, all the zones are greyed out. Selecting 1 zone dynamically displays the activated faces it contains.
  • Faces: It is possible to select several faces (10 maximum), or a group of 10 to display them quickly. If a group is selected, all the faces are greyed out. Clicking on ‘Validate‘ fills the graphs and the ‘Download PDF‘ button appears if there is data. 
  • Charts: A Percentages / Numbers slider appears once the form has been submitted, allowing you to display the charts with the 2 data formats. By default, the chart titles are in percentages. They are dynamic depending on the ‘Percentages / Numbers’ choice. An explanatory tooltip, also dynamic depending on the choice, is located next to the title of each graph. 
  • Download PDF: You can download the 6 graphs displayed, as well as the selected period and the line graph of sums, in PDF format. The download button appears once the selection has been validated and if there is any data. If there is no data for the entire selection, the button will not appear.
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