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Warehouse Inventory Services

Leave your pallet rack inventory to experts, improve the quality of your stock data, and reduce its impact on your business.

What is your inventory goal?

L'équipe d'EYESEE a réalisé une prestation de service d'inventaire chez Nature & Découvertes
L'équipe d'EYESEE a réalisé une prestation de service d'inventaire chez Deret Logistique avec 8 drones
L'équipe d'EYESEE a réalisé une prestation de service d'inventaire chez Pepsico

Why choose
Warehouse inventory services


Up to 12,000 locations scanned per 24-hour day per drone, and we can come with many drones.

100% turnkey service

Your burden becomes ours.


State of art inventory technologies: software + hardware.

Inventory experts

High rack inventory is our daily business.


Simplify and secure the organization of your stocktaking by outsourcing it.

Minimize business impact

Reduce downtime from days to hours.

Increase datatrust

Increase inventory data reliability by reducing human errors.

Focus on what's essential

Don’t spend time to scan labels, just analyse and correct the data.

Peace of mind

Your burden becomes ours.

Reduce unnecessary tasks and their impact

Eliminate unnecessary machines management such as aerial platforms & negative environmental impact of their transport.

Content of the offer

Prestation de service d'inventaire chez Deret

Highly Skilled Team

Our inventory experts will do their best to meet your expectations.

Exclusive equipment & software

Automated scanning drones for high rack inventory, supervision tablets, and Cloud software to ensure best-in-class service.

Hassle-Free inventory

Remote & on-site preparation, sizing the necessary resources, plan execution.

Customized deliverable

Discrepancies analysis, original raw data, recommendations & report.

They chose EYESEE Warehouse Inventory Services​

“The drone inventory project has improved the company’s performance by reducing inventory time, freeing up staff for value-added tasks (picking) and improving the accuracy of inventory data, thereby facilitating decision making in terms of stock management and the supply chain”.

Gregoire Corby, Logistic Director

Warehouse inventory services

“We used EYESEE Warehouse Inventory Services in one of our subcontracted warehouses of 25,000 pallets. We controlled all inventory in less than 8 hours with very high level of accuracy.”

Gregoire Gromaire, Logistics Manager

Warehouse inventory services

L'équipe d'EYESEE a réalisé une prestation de service d'inventaire chez Pepsico

“Isdem diebus Apollinaris Domitiani gener, paulo ante agens palatii Caesaris curam, ad Mesopotamiam missus a socero per militares numeros immodice scrutabatur, an quaedam altiora meditantis iam.”

Warehouse inventory services

You can also become an EYESEE Service Authorized Partner

EYESEE delivers direct drone inventory services and is open to partnering with inventory service suppliers.

Become an Authorized EYESEE Service Partner.


Eligibility and description of requirements.


Discussion with an inventory expert.


Quotation & planning

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Marian Le Calvez

VP Sales & Customer Success

Frequently asked questions about
warehouse inventory drone

It’s so easy thanks to the online eligibility form here. Once completed, our team will get back to you and let you know the results.

The cost of the warehouse inventory services is based on the number of locations to be analyzed and the targeted execution time.

It depends the number of locations to be controlled, the reached productivity in the warehouse and the number drone unitsdeployed. Feel free to submit your project to our team.

Yes, our offers & services are flexible. We are happy to visit you more than once a year.

No. By the way, feel free to send us your use case to enrich our R&D knowledge base.

No. No robot or AI can perform the three-dimensional counting required, neither for picking nor for pallets that have been opened and stored at height. As EYESEE is a human supervised solution, the warehouse’s staff can collaborate with the drone to deliver the most accurate inventory reports.

The drone controls that the expected label is located at the expected location based on WMS data. It identifies empty slots, incorrect logistics addressing and more. The powerful cloud platform ensures then to generate customised reports and ensure data traceability.

Yes. As an example, your internal staff can perform live correction of discrepancies during the inventory service, or count the picking level. Just ask our inventory experts.

Yes, feel free to contact us to know more about our partnerhips offers.

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