Le processus d'inventaire en entrepôt vision 3D tirée de la video

Reliable, error-free warehouse inventories - for everyone, painlessly.

With our two offerings, we help warehouse managers and logistic managers to validate and demonstrate the actual state of their inventory most simply and efficiently possible, whilst optimizing the quality of storage, improving the comfort and safety of the people in charge of these controls and reducing the environmental impact.

What are your goals regarding inventory? 

Product Offering: On-Site Inventory Solution

Switch or optimize your cycle counting process.

More efficient

Increase your efficiency: up to 10 times more efficient than manual inventory.

Increase datatrust

Improve stock accuracy thanks to powerful technologies.

Empower your team

With best in class high tech tools and reduce human errors.

Service Offering: Warehouse Inventory Services

Outsource, simplify and secure the organization and execution of your warehouse stocktaking.

Reduce business impact

Reduce downtime from days to hours.

Increase datatrust

Increase inventory data reliability by reducing human errors.

Peace of mind

Your burden becomes ours.

Why Choose EYESEE

by Darwin Drones


EYESEE technologies will fit your warehouse characteristics, and the offers will meet your needs.


Stop using aerial platforms just to scan labels.

Ease of deployment

Use EYESEE in just a few hours, whatever your WMS or ERP, and without modifying your warehouse infrastructure.


Increase the efficiency of your inventory activities tenfold, from preparation to data reconciliation.

They chose EYESEE

“Benefits for GKN Automotive fall into four categories: human, organizational, economic, and technical. We have reduced our risks related to working at heights with much greater safety and ergonomics.”

On-site inventory solution

“The solution will avoid shutting down the facility for 3 days to perform the annual inventory and allow us to offer a better service to our customers during this period.”

On-site inventory solution

“Inventory by drone is an innovative and very efficient digital solution. Besides avoiding business interruption, the drone offers increased reliability of the stock status in real time. The goal now is to deploy the solution to all of our sites throughout France.”

On-site inventory solution

“The drone inventory project has improved the company’s performance by reducing inventory time, freeing up staff for value-added tasks (picking) and improving the accuracy of inventory data, thereby facilitating decision making in terms of stock management and the supply chain”.

Gregoire Corby, Logistic Director

Warehouse inventory services

“We used EYESEE Warehouse Inventory Services in one of our subcontracted warehouses of 25,000 pallets. We controlled all inventory in less than 8 hours with very high level of accuracy.”

Gregoire Gromaire, Logistics Manager

Warehouse inventory services

L'équipe d'EYESEE a réalisé une prestation de service d'inventaire chez Pepsico

“Isdem diebus Apollinaris Domitiani gener, paulo ante agens palatii Caesaris curam, ad Mesopotamiam missus a socero per militares numeros immodice scrutabatur, an quaedam altiora meditantis iam.”

Warehouse inventory services