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EYESEE components

The EYESEE solution is composed of:

  • EYESEE Drone: an autonomous drone,
  • EYESEE App: a supervision application,
  • EYESEE Cloud: administration, management and data export software.


The drone, which weighs less than two kilos, consists of a Polypropylene (PPE) body ideal for industrial environments. It is a four-engine vehicle with a velocity of 30 to 50 cm per second.

The embedded system is equipped with three Zebra barcode readers and one HD camera that provides real-time video feedback to the operator, as well as photos taken at each location visited by the drone.

Different sensors allow the drone to avoid any collision with a fixed or approaching object and to fly autonomously by executing a flight plan.


The control system is equipped with the Eyesee tablet application which allows (once the mapping has been done) to create and execute the various drone inventory missions. The information is communicated by CSV file (manually or via FTP) to your WMS.

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