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Add one or more users

0. Users can be listed by their roles by clicking on the icon at the top right
1. In the left-hand menu, click on Users
2. Click on the add icon


3. Fill in the new user’s information: first name, surname (last name), email, time zone (city), language
4. Attribute one or more roles from the three options (administrator, warehouse administrator, operator) (CTRL + click to pick multiple):

Below are the roles of each user:


a. Administrator (full access)
b. No role in the customer area:

5. Select one or more warehouses accessible to the user (CTRL + click to pick multiple)

For this/these warehouse/s, choose the role: administrator or operator:


1. Administrator



2. Operator


6. Save

For more details:

1. To modify a user or a role: click on the modification icon and save
2. To delete a user: click on the delete icon

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