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Flight settings

1. Flight settings

  1. Frontal distance: allows you to set the distance in CM between the drone and the pallets. The distance depends on the size of the barcodes to be read.
  2. Only full pallets: if this box is ticked, empty slots are optimally detected.
  3. Display a dialog box in the event of code(s) read on an empty slot.

2. Lateral movements

  1. Left/right movement distance in the event of an obstacle warning under the drone: Allows you to set the pitch of the drone’s right/left movement in CM. This movement applies only when an obstacle under the drone is detected. Each time you press the right/left button, the drone will move by this distance.
  2. Single-press left/right movement distance: Allows you to set lateral movement steps in CM. This movement is applied when the in-flight pause mode is activated. In pause mode, 2 buttons appear on the screen, allowing you to move the drone to the right or left; the drone moves by this distance each time you press the buttons. The same screen appears automatically if the drone has failed to read all the mandatory parameterized acquisitions during a flight stage.
  3. Left/right displacement distance on long click: CM parameters for lateral displacement steps on a long click (as for the take-off click). This movement allows the drone to be moved a greater distance when the pallet is wide and extends over several locations.

3. Speeds

  1. Climb speed: Set the drone’s climb speed (in cm/sec).
  2. Descent speed: Allows you to set the drone’s descent speed (in cm/sec).
  3. Maximum height at which EYESEE Drone is allowed to accelerate in the event of a vacuum during ascent (in cm).

4. Automatic redo

  1. Type
  2. Displacement
  3. Displacement distance
  4. Speed (cm/s)

5. Sounds during flight

  1. Sound played during a scan
  2. Sound played during a NO_SCAN
  3. Sound played when a photo is taken

6. Debug

Display sonar state on fly: check this box to display in-flight sonar status.

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