Logistics: The Eyesee Inventory-Taking Drone, winner of the SITL 2015 Innovation Awards

Hardis Group receives the Special Jury Award of the 15th Innovation Awards at SITL (International Week of Transport and Logistics).

The jury of the SITL Innovation Awards made up of logistics and transport professionals examines about fifty entries each year.

The results were announced on Thursday, 2 April, during the last day of the exhibition: Hardis Group won the Special Jury Award for Eyesee, its inventory-taking drone.

About Eyesee:

  • Eyesee is an autonomous drone allowing to automate inventories and stock updates in warehouses.
  • The drone is equipped with a camera, a mapping system and indoor geolocation technology which allows to identify and capture the information to be treated in order to make the inventory, to associate the image with its position in the warehouse (indoor geolocation) and automatically translate its 3D position into a logistics address (storage location). The data collected by Eyesee can be processed in any warehouse management system (WMS) existing on the market.
  • Eyesee allows to improve the warehouse productivity by reducing material and human resources required to carry out inventories (rental of boom lifts, mobilizing operators, etc.).
  • This innovation paves the way to a daily inventory made every night, for example, and to a better stock reliability.


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