The 100% Grenoble-based drone inventory solution, EYESEE, reinforces its commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) through a study supported by ADEME, as part of the « TREMPLIN pour la transition écologique » program.  

Grenoble, September 28, 2023 – DARWIN DRONES, an inventory company dedicated to the marketing, support and software development of the EYESEE solution for the logistics market, has just completed its first study in collaboration with ADEME.

Already committed internally to a proactive CSR approach, the company has decided to continue its efforts and has initiated an initial diagnosis to analyze the environmental performance of its solution in order to define development priorities.

Life Cycle Assessment : the most advanced and standardized tool for the comprehensive and mutli-criteria evaluation of environmental impacts.

 « Premiers pas éco-conception » project conducted during this life cycle assesment focuses on two phases : first, the transportation phase of the equipment to the inventory location, and then the usage phase (primarily the energy consumed during the inventory).

The initial results are encouraging : the study confirms that the EYESEE solution has a lower environmental impact compared to traditional inventory methods (up to 4 times more efficient).

Eric Pierrel, president of the inventory company Darwin Drones, is pleased with these initial results, convinced that the future of logistics lies in reducing its environmental impact through automation and intelligent inventory management :

« The logistics sector currently represents 10% of the national GDP, with a turnover of 200 billion euros and employing 1.8 million people in France. It is a vital organ for the functioning of our society. Unfortunately, it is also a sector with a significant environmental impact. Being able to contribute, on ours cale, to a reduction in our carbon footprint is already a victory, and we are committed to continuing our efforts in this direction ».

There is no doubt that this initial approach will directly interest the end customers of Darwin Drones as the results provide decision-making keys to choose the most suitable solution to address the environmental challenges of their logistics chains.

Logistics in motion

This action is part of the broader transformation of the logistics industry. In recent years, the sector has been increasing its efforts towards greater energy efficiency.

France Logistique has developed an CSR framework for the transport and logistics sector to assist them in implementing an CSR policy. Additionally, they have created a charter of mutual commitments comprising about thirty commitments to accelerate the contribution of logistics real estate to ecological transition and economic recovery.

In 2024, Darwin Drones plans to further develop its CSR initiatives by conducting new comprehensive impact assessments to continue its growth while ensuring the environmental cohérence of its activities.

Press contact : Darwin Drones – Justine LUCAS – +33 7 70 02 95 25 –

About Darwin Drones 

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Grenoble, Darwin Drones specializes in the development and marketing of industrial logistics automation solutions, particularly using drones. The inventory company also provides associated service offerings. The company is dedicated to marketing, supporting, and software development of the EYESEE solution for the logistics market.  

Key figures

  • 16 employees
  • Over 600 000 scanned locations
  • More than 40 drones deployed

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