GKN Automotive

Automated inventory by drone

GKN Automotive is a multinational manufacturer of transmission components, all-wheel drive systems, and plug-in hybrid systems for the automotive industry.

The project in short

GKN Automotive was looking for a solution to perform daily stock take without stopping production for an entire day. 

Beforehand, they did a manual stock take on the different locations of the warehouses, with an inventory specialist who identified the locations using an aerial lift.  Plus, twice a year they did more complex inventory that requires 5 aerial lifts and 10 operators. 

Goals of GKN Automotive

Ensure perfect reliability to commit the production scheduling planning and guarantee the customer's demand

Ensure the accuracy of information

Store the data for later extraction to correct stock gap

Perform regular inventory without stopping production for an entire day


Benefits for GKN Automotive fall into four categories: human, organizational, economic, and technical. We have reduced our risks related to working at heights with much greater safety and ergonomics.
Supply chain Manager GKN Automotive


Today, the solution is used year-round: Since 2022, they perform a monthly basis stock take on in all their warehouse. From now on, inventories no longer requires production interruptions. 

EYESEE allows GKN Automotive to obtain more accurate and reliable inventory data. 


The benefits

The EYESEE solution has allowed:

Improve your inventory process with EYESEE

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